The day I was obsessed with SHINee

August 26th  is the day that my friend introduced me to SHINee's song, Replay. I would never be the same again. At least for 24 hours (or less).

11:30 AM - After watching G-Dragon's music video One of a Kind (not at my will), my friend shows me a song from a Korean pop band that I haven't heard before. No surprise. I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable on K-pop as much as J-pop, for example The band is called SHINee and the song is fittingly titled Replay. I reluctantly stare at the screen as it plays, hoping it ends before it even starts. My friend's biggest regret is showing me that video now.

11:34 AM - The video finishes and I find my hand stretching towards the keyboard, a finger hovering over the replay button on YouTube. Without thought, I click it, unaware of where this was going to take me for the rest of the day. I regret nothing.

The song - good, bad? Both, but never you mind that - I'm hooked. Constant replays (subliminal messaging?) were ahead. My friend became less amused. The best of friends ignore one another when they cry for help; for their ears to be saved from torturous sounds. This is why I have friends. I approach all my relationships like this.

12:10 PM  - I declare my love for Replay on Twitter with an accompanying photo (below) to show how much the song has affected me, directed at two friends. Obviously, based on the webcam photograph, we're having one muthafuckin partayyyy. Though, it would have significantly improved had I been fucking, in time, to the song, excluding said friend. Not going to lie, it's getting me all excited 'down there'. Where's a dick when you need one?

12:20 PM - After bombarding my laptop speakers with Replay, I give into the cries from my friend and put something else on - our general music-go-to-guy Justin Timberlake. Senorita is the first song in line, keeping with our strict order of JT songs that I seem to have implemented during our hang out times. Yeah, I'm that kinda person.

12:25 PM - Breaking the cycle of our Timberlake playlist, I put on Carry Out (it's usually the closing song, not the second). I suggest that we play Replay along to Carry Out to remix this shit. Secretly, I really want an excuse to listen to Replay again and this seems to be the best, most plausible one. 

Going against my friends pleas, I head forward with my plan. Fairly quickly, the two of us notice that Carry Out, the song, looks like it will go perfectly with the video of Replay. We try this out and uncover a one of a kind discovery. We're not sure, it might be a one-formula kind of shtick, but that song goes scarily in time with the Replay video. Testing the waters, we play a selection of Justin Timberlake songs, Michael Jackson, and various other tracks to Replay. They're all the same. 

Our self-titled genius claim sticks. We've cracked the music genre, both in production and videos. We feel like we're on top of the world; nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams.

12:56 PM - To tend to the ear-wounds of my friend who has now gotten pretty sick of the constant Replay video playing (even without the sound on) I search for other SHINee songs. I browse through most of their musical output, and I hate it all. Replay is swiftly put back on. This my house, I run this mother.

1:06 PM - Looks like Replay is a dead horse. Willingly, I put on other songs though I am far out of that infectiously-catchy Korean pop mode. I go to Jamie xx and Fantastic Mr Fox for musical safety. Replay is still in the back of my mind. It won't leave me, not even when other music is on at full blast. The change of music doesn't last very long. I remind my friend that she would abuse Blow My High by Kendrick Lamar to the drastic extent I'd have to close her laptop lid to stop it. This is payback. Only fair, really. 

1:22 PM - We answer a call from our friend on Skype and play Replay as a combination welcome and hello song. He's unresponsive, but he's like that with most things. He didn't ask for us to turn it off, so I draw myself to the conclusion that he is a fan. I ask him if he likes the song through typing because he says he can't hear. He doesn't answer. Exploding with cum in his pants, guaranteed. I nearly had the same reaction when I first heard Replay, no biggie. 

3:05 PM - Skype conversations distract us from serious shit like the SHINee song. Nearly two hours in from not listening to it, and I can't take it anymore. Replay is a must.

3:30 PM - My friend admits to me that she listened to Replay a lot when she first heard it - to a lesser extent- but she was addicted nonetheless. I feel less guilty for what I have been doing for the past few hours. We both set our sights on seeing SHINee live. Googling SHINee live dates in London comes up with nothing. Both of us are disappointed. We agree that we'll see them live at all costs, whenever they travel over to these shores.

3:36 PM - Earlier, I was warned that the English translation proves the song is not very good. At the back of my head, I knew this would be true, but I fight it. I'm so emotionally involved with Replay, I don't really care. The lyrics suck hard, but at least the saving grace in the situation is I can acknowledge it. I chose to ignore. 

4:02 PM - We go back to playing Replay along to other songs including Party in the USA, What Makes You Beautiful and Miss Independent. My friend quickly declares I have no taste. I defend myself. These aren't songs I like, they're ones that go well with the video. She doesn't believe me. I give up.

4:10 PM - Via Twitter, our once hopeful dreams shatter. According to a friend, it is common knowledge the Replay video can go along to the majority of pop songs ever written. I feel shafted, and SHINee's classic song becomes played far less after the shocking news.

20:25 PM - Having distracted ourselves with Skype conversations, looking up Blue Waffle photos, and watching an episode of Freaks and Geeks, it's time for my friend to leave and return to where she once came from. I am oddly happy that she has gone. Replay is going straight back on even with my mixed feelings about the video still ringing loudly in my ears.

20:30 PM - I boot up my laptop and find Replay almost immediately in my search bar. Uninterrupted, the song is on a constant loop.

21:50 PM - An hour and a bit on, Replay brings me to the stage where it has become headache-inducing. The sad truth behind the video affects my listening to it; I can't take it any longer. I contemplate that this is the end dawning upon me. Before calling it a day, I decide on what would be the best send off possible, a deserved one. 

22:00 PM - I say my farewell to the song in the only way I know how - dress up in my room and dance the fuck out of this shit.

This was the evidence of the sad final goodbye. I had to include the universally loved 'I don't give a fuck' hands-in-the-air movement. Classic. 

I wonder why people don't come out with me often. 


  1. What a fucking world we live in.

    I understand your spontaneous and incredibly odd musical obsession. Yesterday a friend sent me a link to this particular song which I'm ashamed to say made me howl with laughter at its ridiculousness. And yet I keep listening to it. And listening to it:

    1. It is a weird world we live in. Asian pop especially JPop and KPop have the weirdest lyrics, videos - the works, really. It's kind of disturbing if you think about it.

      Haha, that's like a major pussy anthem - laughing to it as I type this. It's also probably the slowest rap song I've ever heard. That's a good one for people being able to sing along to it. I imagine you were fist pumping in your computer chair to this one.

  2. I think 12:10 PM is directed at you. Ya know you love it.

  3. I have never heard of SHINee, and your story is hilarious. Thanks for commenting and following my blog. I am now following yours.


    1. Glad you found the story funny, James! And until a few days ago, I didn't know of their existence either. Not sure if it should have stayed that way or not...

      And no problem on the following subject, really like your blog, and thank you for the follow back!

  4. x'D i love this, i've laughed the whole way through every time i've read it.




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