Stripperella: Episode 3

Crime Doesn't Pay... Seriously, It Really Doesn't, episode 3 in the Stripperella series, had an extremely hard act to follow, what with the perfected silliness that was Beauty and the Obese Part 1 and 2 showcasing some serious pant-wetting stuff. I ranted, I raved, I did all I could to make you go and source the show out - the first two episodes at the least - and now it's time for Stripperella to move on; to see where our lovable, feisty heroine can go from here and whether the start of the show was just a fluke and nothing more.

Cheapo, who looks eerily similar to The Mad Hatter and Riddler (probably a deliberate move, seeing the way this show is going), is the second villain that comes toe-to-toe with Stripperella. He's the lowest of the low when bad guys are concerned, whose idea of a big heist is to rob the local 89 cent store. My kind of man.

Just released from prison, Cheapo makes his out-of-the-pen status known to Stripperella when she is on a chat show, ringing in to say that this is the end of her; he's coming back for his vengeance. Shouldn't he have known he's messing with the wrong woman?

Can Stripperella outwit one of her many enemies once again, or will this be not just the fight, but the war too?

First off, Crime Doesn't Pay...Seriously, It Really Doesn't doesn't live up Beauty and the Obese Part 1 and 2. You know what, though? I am fine with that. I thought I wouldn't be, but, when the credits rolled, the content feeling that the episode, well, didn't suck as hard as I had suspected it secretly would was a damn relief.

To say that this isn't an episode worth watching wouldn't be right. It's not as bad-ass as what came before it, but by no means is this a unworthy entry to the Stripperella season - it's just a filler in disguise, making way for possibly big stories. Minus the bit-part introduction of a new stripper, Giselle, and the sideline story with her father, there is nothing much else going on. It's all a very straight forward affair, sprinkled with a dash of 'lolsome' pun jokes, a welcome Q and Lucius Fox nod that had even a soulless being like myself crack a smile, and an actually justified cameo from Stan Lee. Other than that, there really isn't anything else to it.  It's a standard cat and mouse chase, with it not taking (too) much to capture Cheapo, who, out of Dr. Cesarain so far, is my favoured villain.

Speaking of baddies, without question, the best part of this episode has to be the bumbling baboon that is Cheapo, and his two henchmen.  Before the title sequence, Cheapo and his gang had a great introductory robbery that championed the reveal of Dr. Cesarain, and they've certainly paved the way for bigger and better villains in the show. Fingers-crossed that's what is coming up.

Cheapo reminded me a lot like a Futurama written character; all of his lines wouldn't be out of place from the Matt Groening created show in its earlier seasons, and that's what definitely put him on top for me over Dr. Cesarain. He had vibes of The Zookeeper, a villain in the Futurama episode Less Than Zero, where the Planet Express duo - Fry, Leela and Bender - become superheroes after using Miracle Cream given to Leela by Dr. Zoidberg when she is suffering bad cramps. The Zookeeper in the episode has traits that Cheapo has to the point that even their quest is similar (stealing a diamond).

Everything was fine in the episode, I had no major problems with it at all except the one, big factor that I pick out of a lot of things I read and watch. There just wasn't enough ass-kicking. Stripperella relied way too much on her James Bond-type gadgets that she acquired earlier to aid her through this one. No question about it, she could have easily defeated Cheapo without her cool new swag, she just didn't. There was barely, if any, physical fighting going on that left me sitting out in the cold. How can you have an opening intro where all Stripperella is doing is stripping and KICKING MAJOR ASS and not include it in an episode? Hand-to-hand combat and people beating the fuck out of each other - that's what I want Stripperella to be doing, not saving the day with electronic means. Stripperella can be just as cool working with electronic devices, but she worked best for me when she was socking a guy right in the face. I'm rooting for old school, beat-'em-up Stripperella to make her appearance in the next episode. Maybe this was just a one off.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy Crime Doesn't Pay...Seriously, It Doesn't as part of the Stripperella series. It had plently going for it, but for most of the 22 minutes, it seemed that the show went for a back-to-basiscs feel, possibly already having exhausted themselves from the extravangaza opening that was Beauty and the Obese Part 1 and 2. Hopefully, that's not where the series is going, as I still have much faith left in you, Stripperella.


  1. Hey wait, Stan Lee makes a cameo in this one too? God the guy is everywhere!! Just when I thought I've seen every single cameo of his...

    1. I think it is impossible for him NOT to make a cameo in anything he has been apart of, even if it is something really minor he has been involved in.

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