Justin Bieber Music Video: Boyfriend

Justin Timberlake is the man. Lonesome Friday nights have had me singing along to his catchy-Timbaland and /or Neptune produced tunes at unholy hours. Saying that, I'm not JT's biggest fan, but I can tell a knock-off song of his when I hear one. Justin Bieber, this time round, is the culprit. I don't think anyone could deny the Timberlake vibes in Boyfriend, which is one of the reason why it became many a person's (including myself) guilty pleasure. More than that, it was actually an alright, not-too annoying catchy song. Just not on a Justin Timberlake level of greatness, obviously.

With the music video to Boyfriend, the promise of some downright-awesome shit in the teaser trailers fell flat when Director X took over from Colin Talley's vision at the last minute. I guess there is so much JB's fanbase can handle in one go after he started to 'sex-up' his image. They wouldn't be able to handle that Talley's cut of Boyfriend, that's for sure.

Director X said of the new and-now official video, "It was just cars and the simplicity that they liked. Cars, girls, just young people hanging out, having fun, that kind of thing. When I heard it, I thought that's what it should be."

Right, simple. 90% of Justin Bieber's videos have been simple as hell, and the same goes for most music videos in the charts now, why do we need anymore of these sorts of videos? I was ready to see the Bieber go absolutely mental, but, with most things in life, the Top Dogs controlling the strings of the animatronic robot that is JB just couldn't keep their grubby hands away from fiddling around with his image, and kept him in those very safe barriers once again.

And that is why this video sucked.

The beginning starts off with Talley's version, keeping the hotness amped up to levels that JB has dared not reach before. Yeah, it looks like watching an R-rated scene from To Catch a Predator, where the girl is the one in question, but at least he is trying and it kind of looks cool, right?

Then, in a lame turn of events, all of that crazy-fake sexy shit is knocked on the head, and SHOCK HORROR, it was all fictionalised - two girls are watching Biebs on their phone getting hot and heavy. Oh yeah, 'cos that's what I wanted to see again, isn't it? Another fucking shot of girls looking at their phones because of Justin. Didn't we get that in One Time already?

Straight after that, there is really out of place cut that has the start of the song played for the second time, making the point that this is a JUSTIN BIEBER video called BOYFRIEND and it is directed by DIRECTOR X. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a slap in the face for Colin Talley as they'd used what he had shot for the opening and then completely dismissed it like it had never happened. Poor guy.

So with this 'kids hanging out' anthem ringing in Director X's (and countless record label figureheads) ear, here is yet another tedious JB video. He's dancing, he's singing, he catches the eye of his way-too-old girl fairly late for him (1 minute to be exact) and then the whole thing just goes off into a samey-routine that I've witnessed far to many times from the teenager, just with an American Eagle clothing advert vibe. No funny old male rapper cameos, no amusing Timbaland face-pulling - everything that had me grappling onto other JB videos is scrapped here. I'm sure that Talley would have included these important elements to his Boyfriend video, remembering that there are non-Bielber's watching.

If it couldn't get any worse on the boring scale, the video was a shoddily made remake of what had come before it 10 years ago. I could just about look past the song being a carbon copy of the majority of Justin Timberlake's previous output on his first solo album, Justified, because the song itself is not terrible at all, but when the video looks exactly the same as 'N Sync's Girlfriend and Timberlake's Like I Love You, there are going to be serious questionable doubts in my mind.

Not only do you have a song that sounds eerily similar to most of Justified, but the video looks the same as one of the singles on that album too?  Surely they would have noted that practically everyone on the fucking planet had mentioned Timberlake with Boyfriend at least once - wouldn't they attempt to try and distance themselves from the clear similarities?

After all that hype, the massive YouTube countdown that had everyone sweating with excitement, Boyfriend ,in full, had barely anything redeemable about it. Apart from the beginning, the rest of the video is just pointless, unneeded and, well, if kids really hang out like that these days, I sure as hell am glad that it is a short matter of time until I hit the big 2-0.

Truly, it is a bit of a shame that Talley's version found it's way to the cutting room floor. He'd described his beast as an epic motherfucker, and it kind of looked it was going that way. I believe in Colin Talley.

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