Songs that could have been in Spring Breakers

Remember when The Social Network was released in 2010 and it was cited as the 'Film of Our (the Internet) Generation'? Well, the critics got it wrong. All they had to do was wait three more years for the crash-landing arrival of Spring Breakers.

To save myself from trying (and failing) to write something that would describe how brilliant, unique, and all these all-over-the-place feelings I have for the film, I've focused on something that was key to my enjoyment of Spring Breakers - the music. It's over-the-top, fucking mental, cheesy, and honestly a bit shit, but that's why it's so good

Inspired to scout just-as-bad-but-good similar tunes in the vein of Breakers, I made this list.



  1. skanking. like a badman.

    1. Forever and always, Socrates, forever and always.




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