What I think of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby's name

Personally, I couldn't care less what celebrities name their children - its none of our business, and nor should it be. Yes, I am completely contradicting the title of this post, but for obvious, jokey reasons mind you. (C'mon now, I am named Cherokee, how the fuck can I take the piss out of anyone's name? Tell me, HOW?) And that's not even taking into consideration my last name.

When first hearing upon the TMZ hijacked birth certificate of the now-official name of the offspring of Kimye, it took me a couple of hours to 'get the joke'. Shamed that I hadn't locked onto it at first, the one thing that did crop to mind is what north west, at least the definition to what it meant for urban London back in the mid-to-early days of the 2000s.

The north west part of London is one of the only areas of the infamous city that had an affectionate name, adopted by the young'ens (aren't I so old now?) of the beloved NW postcodes. Name checked constantly in the then-popular music genre, grime, is really where the term gained its most popularity. Despite musical origins from the east of London and having key figureheads from the genre originating from that same place (Bow, what a shit hole), it became a wide-spread term with areas of north west that are generally considered the 'rough areas'.

Firstly, let's actually have a look at the nickname for north west London, 'north weezy' (or norf, depending on how you pronounce it).

Dated in 2006, from my knowledge, the term was coined maybe a year or two before - when grime was becoming an underground and then commercial success in the UK. The definition on Urban Dictionary is correct, it is a term that was, or is, used by rap artists (originating from conversations of people in those areas), but it became so much more than that - it was a butt of a joke sometimes, or actually taken seriously by other people, especially when it came to the areas of north west London that others occupied, which leads me onto the areas that are dominated by the NW brand.

For those of you that don't have any geographical knowledge of this part of London, the image below probably doesn't mean anything. However, for those of you that do, you'll get where I am coming from on this one. Most of these places are crap holes, and I mean really bad. You have the middle-class parts of north west London, and then you have the areas where you'd rather steer clear of. For someone who did grow up in one of these not-so-nice parts, it only seems like second nature to stroll down the street, phone out not giving a fuck, whereas for some who have not had that experience, it would naturally trigger off alarm bells if you had any items of worth in your pocket. I never really got any hassle when I lived in the shitty area I speak of (probably because I left when I was 13) and I know a lot of these north west parts of London like the back of my hand.

It's not a surprise, though, that the phrase north weezy is associated with what I'd assume is considered the London ghetto. When you come from a shitty area, it's not anything new to try to find something positive, something good. Okay, there have been incidents, gang-wise, where different postcodes have apparently caused gigantic rifts (the only experience I'd had of this was at school, when someone in the class asked where everyone lived, postcode-wise, and for any of them that weren't based in the north west shit went down, all for no apparent reason), but there really are aspects that don't draw negatives out of wanting to support your community and your place of origin.

The best example of this would be with the rap scene in the 90's, Eastcoast vs Westcoast. While, for obvious reasons, there is no comparison with what was going down in grime, both areas of America were representing themselves in some kind of positive light, stating that they were better than their counter parts for so and so reason. Through such ridiculous, stupid decisions, there was some aspect of community in their own respective areas. Then, saying that, with community comes acceptance of other people too, but that's a whole different debate right there.

This is why, maybe if we were back in 2005 and Kimye were a thing, and they named their child North West, as they have done only a few days ago, it would have spawned some kind of response from the north weezy pack, but, as far as I have seen, it really hasn't. It's only been the end of half-arsed, shitty internet jokes.

Maybe it's a good thing that there is less of a divide when it comes to London (there always will be, of course, because people like belonging to communities, and with communities comes specific areas of a city/country, etc.) but there is a sense of nostalgia somehow with the term - whether that comes down to crappy grime songs name dropping locations, or the places themselves, so populated by life and different cultures.

At least we'll always have this tune.



    1. Represent. (I say this when I don't even live in the postcode anymore.)




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