Justin Bieber Music Video: Next To You

The title of this post will be misleading to some who are not aware of the song, so let me just break it down for you. Next to You  is actually a Chris Brown ballad, but with Justin Bieber heavily featuring. In the previous year, Justin collaborated with Sean Kingston on the song Eenie Meenie (not meaning what you're probably thinking), so he is no stranger to features. I would have included that video in these reviews, too, but I don't think it was that much of a leap for Bieber, unlike this.

Before Believe was released, and the disappointing video of Boyfriend dropped, Next to You was the definite turning point for the then-17 year old. The video was like a little blockbuster movie, condescended into 6 minutes that provided some serious hilarity. If there was a genre in music-video making called 'funny epic', this one would be it, all courtesy of Colin Tilley.

If that wasn't enough, currently, it stands as my favourite JB video reviewed.

Next to You begins with Chris Brown and Justin hanging out with their girls (possibly the quickest entry for a Justin Bieber Girl, I'd say), but shit starts going down, and the parties are broken up. Then, out of nowhere, we go from watching Chris Brown sleeping on the couch, to HOLY SHIT EXPLOSIONS. I had no idea what the fuck was going on, and that's when you know shit is getting good.

We quickly discover that the whole city is crumbling - some kind of apocalypse and link to the lyrics of the song, I'm guessing. Chris Brown's girl is trying to find him, and in an all-epic fashion, Justin and Chris stand side-by-side in the ruins, which, in the context of the song, has a lot of bro-love feels to it. Intentional? Probably not, but I damn as well hope so.

Cutting between Brown running around frantically, to him dancing, then him and Justin dancing, it's hard to ignore that this is kind of cool. In the bad way of cool. The whole video is like a crappy-but-oh-so-good montage meshed into a Transformer-like action adventure, with some Nicholas Sparks romance. Yes, that combination sounds diabolical, but here, it works.

Keeping in check with the video's (flimsy) story, of course there has to be some link between Bieber and Brown, and that would be their two girls. 

When the people of the city are trying to make a break for it, the father of Bieber's girl accidentally knocks down Chris's chick, leaving her lying, battered and bruised on the ground. JB's squeeze sees this as her chance to make a run for it, and she does, while Chris (who has been watching this scene take place for the whole time) stares at his love, who whispers to him that she loves him, stretched out and dying. Y'know, that's kind of sad. Corny sad like Trey Songz jam, Your Side of the Bed, but sad nonetheless. 

In an act of bold love, Chris throws his deuces up to the world and JUMPS OVER A FUCKING MASSIVE VOLCANIC-LIKE HOLE to rescue is girl. That's love for you. 

While this is all going on, I remained slightly miffed at the cuts they used, and what the purpose of Chris possessively dancing with a group of possible tribesmen (is this how he resurrects the dead?) but my fuck am I glad they included it in there. Bet there are people claiming this is "some Illuminati shit." Who knows, maybe it is?

The ending is a bittersweet one. Justin is reunited with his love, and Chris loses his. Well, that's not very fair is it? Brown still isn't catching a break with the ladies, is he? If the world is falling apart, though, won't JB and his girlfriend die anyway? I don't think Chris should be too mopey about that one, then. 

Next to You is the step that I've wanted Bieber to take in musical video direction. It is a real shame that no matter how 'artistic' his crew have attempted with his solo videos (I'm looking at you, Beauty and the Beat), nothing will top this extravaganza of pointless. Fuck the fact that it is a terrible song and nothing really makes sense, sit back and watch it to a Hans Zimmer track (preferably from Inception) and bask in the ridiculousness of it all. I guarantee it'll be a better watch playing Time along to the musical segments. 


  1. I just listened to this with the video sound muted, but playing the Pacific Rim soundtrack over the top. Oh my god, the most hilarious thing I've seen all day!!!

    1. You're a genius, Ruth, an absolute genius.




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