I'm so excited for Justin Bieber's new album I may actually purchase it with real money

For the last month the Biebs has been taking part in Music Mondays, a promotional ten-week Twitter campaign gearing up for his new documentary, Believe (in 3D, obvs). At the start of each week he drops a never-before-heard track, gets people talking, and by the time we're all basking in his sultry (and far superior and developed) whimsical tones, the next song is ready and waiting to be listened to and the cycle continues.

All the feels I'm having for the tunes released so far is unreal. Ignore the fact the media have portrayed Justin as a complete pillock who only carries $1 bills around for his strip club adventures and he was one third of this travesty, these joints are the real shit.

There used to be only one Justin for me. Maybe I can make room for one more, too?

Week 1: Heartbreaker
"Don't tell me you're a heartbreaker/girl my heart is breaking", Justin croons fittingly with a slowed down, melancholy beat backing him up - nothing too heavy or distracting going on tonally, just a very simple laid bare jaunt. That's why Heartbreaker works so well. There is something a lot more personal about this style of Justin who has always felt like a manufactured Ken doll, produced for mass consumption for one purpose alone - to rinse the pockets of mothers and fathers across the globe.

And I guess maybe for this reason as well:

Unlike the tripe that filled the tracklist of Believe, where Justin's team were clearly catering to the masses with electronic themed tunes like As Long as You Love Me and Beauty and the Beat, Heartbreaker feels a heck more genuine than 96% of his previous dull back catalogue.

Remember that kid whose mum used to upload videos of her son singing Usher jams on YouTube? That was the kind of stuff I'm sure he wanted to bring out before his record label, publicity vultures, and everyone else who had a say-so on his career fucked with the guy's true calling and produced stuff like this

All That Matters is direct in its message and doesn't fuck around with how emotional Biebs is. There is no pandering about a broken heart, nor is he at the stage of healing from a break up (which is addressed in one of his other songs here), it's just a musical love note; a regret of a relationship. 

I dig. 

Week 3: Hold Tight 

Hold Tight is probably the worst lyrically out of the four Music Monday releases to date. There is no excuse for lines like, "Got me stuck like crazy glue" and "Want you wrapped 'round my arm like a wrist watch", I'll give all you haters free ammunition for that one.

However, as best demonstrated by this eagle:

Hold Tight is a rarity when it comes to Bieber's style. Why? It's vague as fuck. His discography has always had one undeniable consistency throughout - all his songs are straightforward. There are no hidden messages behind what he is singing about, it's blatant, in your face; sometimes offensively so, other times not.

"Trying to maintain, so don't mind if I turn away." and the drawn out chorus and single title don't really indicate to anything in particular here. Holding tight to what? The relationship? The love? The memory of the love? It sounds kind of sexual, then it doesn't. It sounds kind of like a teenage diary entry, then it doesn't. The ambiguity of the song gives it some extra bonus points.

Week 4: Recovery

Craig David sample, you say? Bieber, you're too much.

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