The 2014 GRAMMYs happened and the highlight was Taylor Swift dancing

So intense.
So, it was the 56th year of the GRAMMYs last night, and as per usual in the annual celebration of the show, no one really cared. The only vaguely interesting part of the bro-fisting industry arse-kissing was the recurring appearance of Taylor Swift and her iconic dancing that has fast become a staple of the music award season.

Here she is putting her heartfelt moves into grooving to the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragon collaboration/mash-up/whatever that monstrosity was:

As can be seen in the video evidence of T-Swift above, her lack of funk in the physical moving department is severally lacking. Coming from someone as versed as me with bumping and grinding and popping those tight moves out on the dance floor, I decided to show her how it's done because why the hell not?

I believe that we can all mutually agree there is only one clear winner in this heated dance-off (and while we're at it, the best dressed crown).

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