The iconic styling of Christina Aguilera in Dirrty

Eleven years after first watching Xtina's video for Dirrty, her all-out attempt of shedding her wholesome image into a more wank-bank deserving poster girl, that same feeling of griminess washed over me as I yet again bared witness to the greasy writhing and booty popping wiggles from the woman responsible for What a Girl Wants.

The Dave LaChapelle directed cut remains iconic in its unabashed transformation of the 'girl-next-door' type, (as she had been laughably labelled in order to fit in with other famous exports of The Mickey Mouse Club). Criticised for being similar to Britney's overhaul kicking off with I'm a Slave 4 U (the 2000s were obviously a time for pre-text and misspellings), Christina's evolution was akin to Charmeleon and Charizard - you'd never have guessed the outcome of that one.

I'm gonna train you up, Christina, just wait and see. You'll be the best pop star of them all!
While there is no doubt that Dirrty is as repulsive as ever, even after the overblown rise in unholy shit on the internet, there is something about the video that is guiltily mesmerising. You feel wrong for watching it, but still endure it right until the last second because you've never seen anything like it before. And though there have been seas of imitators since its 2002 release, no other video has made me want to slice open my eyeballs and eat them much like Dirrty. (Kudos to Pour It Up, you got real close my friend.)

One thing that remains most memorable in the video other than Redman awkwardly crotch-grinding Christina is the choice of styling, in particular the clothing. Like the accompanying imagery to Dirrty, the items sported by Christina were of an alien breed. Aged nine, I didn't even know what she was wearing actually classified as clothing.

Either way, whether we like it or not, Dirrty was a pioneering staple in popular culture and pop music (for both good and bad reasons, as can be seen today) and those timeless yet extremely questionable outfits took it to a whole other level.

Take a look at some of these beauties (and horrors):

The helmet

Cementing her new nickname with a tagged biker helmet, sprayed in silver. Check out this bad bitch.

The biker jacket

I'm a sucker for a good biker jacket and I've got to admit this one is pretty fucking sweet. 

The skirt

I say skirt but it's more like a piece of material wrapped around her waist with the word nasty cut out of that other bit of material, which I'm guessing is supposed to be a belt or something?

Sorry for the lack of focus, all my eyes are concentrating on at the moment is the perkiness of Christina's arse cheeks. They're rather hypnotic.

The hair 

Xtina's scraggy sort-of dreadlocks were a significant part of her defining look in the Stripped album days. Not long after, this period of her career faded into oblivion and her journey to artistic self discovery involved a complete and utter time warp when her Hollywood glamour phase rolled round.

You know, I really didn't mind those locks. I'm in dire need of a haircut/hair styling job, too.

Soaking wet clothes

Titillating shower scene with wet clothes stuck to a buff/toned body of said pop star, paired with faux-lesbian undertones? Better tick that one off the list, then.

Also, I'm going to take a wild guess and presume that this particular scene contributed heavily to the Christina Maxim issue selling 2.8 million copies when it hit the shelves in 2003, along with the publication of photos like this:

And this:

Let's give credit where credit is due, though. While Dirrty certainly put Xtina on the map for a generation first discovering the art of masturbation, Maxim's selective choice of picture that adorned the January 2003 issue is certainly something else. I mean, look at the way that the sparkly bikini bottom alludes to Christina's vagina and makes you double-take on the image.

Fascinating stuff.

The legendary chaps

The English language has its limits when trying to find the most appropriate string of words to sum up my passionate hatred towards Christina's chaps. Long have I lived with the pain that those God forsaken monstrosity's exist, let alone them actually being worn by, like, a person who is alive and breathing and everything.

Holding onto my negativity towards those bottoms, I realised, hasn't (and never did) amount to anything. They'll always exist as a part of a video that reigns supreme in pop culture and one of the greatest mainstream music marketing ploys of all time, much like the rest of the attire worn here, so might as well get with it and try the look out for myself. 

Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Hahaha! This post is great. Stripped is actually my favorite album of hers, and her 'Dirrty' phase was probably my favorite. It's amusing to see the video broken down like this, it's been years since I watched it. That whole comment about Maxim is so true. I was in middle school when this came out, and I remember so many boys had that cover taped up in their lockers.

    1. Cheers, man.

      I agree with you that this was the best Christina phase. Even though it was an out-of-this-world transformation at the time, she really took it to another level (and the team behind Aguilera) to change her image and musical stylings completely. It's pretty much what goes on now with everyone of this new wave of pop stars and the like, but it worked for Xtina in a weird, roundabout way that I didn't mind. (Apart from this video, which is still hard to sum up into words how traumatising seeing it at a young age was.)

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Brittani, and I'm sure Xtina was a popular one with that age group!

  2. Great post, and I'm guessing the end message here is "Miley wasn't the first one, kids", although I can't really comment too much on Christina because I've successfully managed to ignore almost everything she's done for as long as I can remember.

    1. Thanks, dude. And there wasn't really an end message, more so to highlight that pretty memorable significant change in the mostly ridiculous outfits and look that she's got going on in this video. Honestly, Miley is an absolute blip on the radar in comparison to Xtina's look a decade ago. That was something that I wish never to see repeated.

      Cyrus' style is more aware of the massive middle finger trolling technique she has implicated, and because everything seems more hyper aware with a lot of it gearing at social media, it's a hell of a lot easy to criticise someone who is of this generation doing essentially what so many did before her (even Madonna to an extent, though what she is now goes far and beyond of never returning to normality again).

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