Day 5 in Neverwinter: Skirmishes and PvPing

Having only dabbled briefly in the world of MMORPG's with Path of Exile and World of Warcraft, Adventures in Neverwinter is an ongoing series on Can You Dig It? focusing on my quest to reach the top level in the Dungeons and Dragons inspired game. Join me as Broku, a Tiefling Hunter Ranger, on my journey to take on the forces of darkness and restore peace to the land of Neverwinter.

I spent the first few hours on my fifth day in Neverwinter completing a range of quests, accompanied by my new companion, Brohan. With his mighty strength and ravishing good looks, and my arrows of doom and muscular build, we proved to be an unstoppable team, arranging ourselves into position and backing one another up in our bloody brawls.

Sgt. Knox clued us up on his rising suspicions that Rhazzad was a bit of a dodgy one. Unfortunately, that meant that our awkward and frustrating encounter before wasn't the end of the old bastard. (And the hag that shall not be named.)

Shortly after, Brohan and I were sent on mission after mission to close up portals to other evil dimensions (or something) and to try and find out what Rhazzad was up to.

We got to fight this bellend. 
I put a halt to our mounting quest list and decided to join one of my first skirmishes. I'd taken part in one really low level skirmish before, joined by Biteon Bronzeheart, Broku's devoted lover and bad bitch Halfling (who will later make an appearance in the series). This was my first time soloing - ever -, with a bunch of random Europeans.

Dat damage ain't because I'm the highest level there, y'all. 
Dem kills, doe.
In-between skirmishes, Brohan and I continued to follow Rhazzad's trail. During our downtime, I had a moment to reflect on where my life was going, what would happen to the races of Neverwinter if we failed, and how did I fit into all of this? Was I really a good enough warrior to take on the forces of evil, for someone so alien to the concept of playing an MMORPG? I'd sat back and watched as others reclaimed their kingdoms, but had never been weighed down with such responsibility until now.

How could I possibly compare to the many Hunter Rangers before me?


If anyone could prove how wrong and foolish I had been, it was Brohan. He showed that - with my excellent training - he was able to destroy psychotic winged freaks (like the one above) with pure badman effortlessness. He learned from the best, that boy.

Before heading off for the night, and with a new burst of energy thanks to my loyal companion, I braved the onslaught of attacks in PvP.

Didn't do that bad, friends, didn't do that bad.

And all to the soundtrack of Craig David's tune, Take 'Em Off.

(When I say soundtrack, I mean this was the only song I listened to for the whole duration of my session.)

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