Day 6 in Neverwinter: The end is nigh for Rhazzad

Having only dabbled briefly in the world of MMORPG's with Path of Exile and World of Warcraft, Adventures in Neverwinter is an ongoing series on Can You Dig It? focusing on my quest to reach the top level in the Dungeons and Dragons inspired game. Join me as Broku, a Tiefling Hunter Ranger, on my journey to take on the forces of darkness and restore peace to the land of Neverwinter.

With full conformation from Sgt. Knox that Rhazzad was as evil as they can get, it was up to Brohan and I to stop his ritual and protect those that he had taken to the Tower of Solace. 
Along the way, we faced seas of enemies and ambiguous puzzles, until coming across Sgt. Knox's homie, Josef Linkletter

Now plague-ridden with some crazy strong magic, there was no choice but to take down Sgt. Knox's broksi.

Following him into an underground cave, it was a heated, emotional battle. Victory - if you can call it that - fell in the hands of Brohan and I. Before transforming into a pawn of Rhazzad's army again, Josef gave us some much needed information to find the corrupt wizard. 

Climbing up the stairs towards our fate, there wasn't much time to think about fighting tactics with Brohan. The two of us were fast becoming accustomed to the ways of an ongoing war after witnessing so much bloodshed in less than a week.

To prove that we were true heroes, we had to defeat Rhazzad and restore some kind of peace to The Plague Tower. It was our first truly important test to showcase our abilities, not just as two separate entities, but as a team, too.

It was time.

We fought bravely against Rhazzad, with Brohan diving straight into melee combat like he had never done before; gallantly taking some serious damage so I could fire killer arrows from afar.

After a tiring, energy-draining fight, we came out victorious - Rhazzad was gone, once and for all. But, like Sgt. Knox informed us when returning to claim our prizes at the Hall of Justice, Rhazzad was only a minor part of the overall plan - the masters above him were carefully plotting their next move.

Bring it on. 

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