What I did instead of watching the 86th Academy Awards

Even if I didn't have to work the following morning, sleep is far more interesting than anything the Oscars have to offer.

Taking into account the news I woke up to, I didn't miss much really.


  1. I had much the same reaction. The Oscars bore me so much that I couldn't even begin to care.

    On the subject of music, have you heard Dark Horse, one of Katy Perry's latest songs? I thought it sounded terrible, with grating singing and sounds, and was all over the place.

    1. It's nice to have a comrade who isn't into the Oscars. Aside from the political mess that it is, it's not even enjoyably bad. Shame, really.

      And yes, I have! I was going to write something about the video, but a few months ago - when her album was released - I heard the track and instead made a selection of gifs according to how I felt throughout the song: http://isaidcanyoudigit.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/katy-perrys-song-dark-horse-is-really.html

      Agreed with you, though - it is a shambles that song.

    2. In response to Dark Horse I say:

      Juicy J, why?

      - rei

    3. In response to Juicy J's career, I say:


  2. I slept too, pretty much every category was predictable, and the only thing that could be worth seeing would be LDC's winning face. But I got a bad feeling about it (on top of every prediction), so I decided I wouldn't stay up until 5AM for that. Anything worth watching was still there the next day.

    Anyway, I care less and less about winners the more I try to get into it. What I truly like is the backstage stuff, the pictures, the hugs, the drinking... it looks like fun.

    1. Yeah, I think it's the predictability and my lack of enjoyment for all the arse-kissing that really turns me off. And you're right - the results are going to be there the next day.

      There is a fun sort of element about that side of the award season, so I get where you're coming from with that, Sofia.




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