Day 8 in Neverwinter: Rejection in The Cloak Tower

Having only dabbled briefly in the world of MMORPG's with Path of Exile and World of Warcraft, Adventures in Neverwinter is an ongoing series on Can You Dig It? focusing on my quest to reach the top level in the Dungeons and Dragons inspired game. Join me as Broku, a Tiefling Hunter Ranger, on my journey to take on the forces of darkness and restore peace to the land of Neverwinter.

After defeating the treacherous wizard Rhazzad in my last major bout, it was time to chill out a little and complete a couple of side quests. Entering The Cloak Tower before reaching lvl 22 was also on my list of things to do (and something I'd been holding back on, like a pussy, since level 16).

The first stop was a player-made dungeon. Lord knows what the fuck was going on, but some 'cray' stuff went down. I defeated fire-breathing monsters, became a giant, and took out a dragon mostly single-handedly. 

Big pimpin'
There was a brief moment to take a group selfie, too.

With my level rising, it was my last chance to brave the hour+ long Cloak Tower quest before I was ineligible to complete it.

Once everyone accepted an invite from a bloke/chick/beast/whoever in the server chat, we were ready to kick some serious arse. 

As the only person with a companion in game, I felt a slight sense of superiority over my fellow team mates throughout. (Don't judge me.) 

There were many enemies we fought in the lengthy dungeon, each of us pulling equal weight to protect one another and pass on as many found items to deserving players as possible. 

The final boss in the dungeon was Vansi Bloodscar, the deadly leader of a tribe of Orcs that had taken over the Tower District. 

Working together as a solid team, we succeeded in our completion of The Cloak Tower and defeating Vansi, collecting our rewards and earning many a skill point. 

With a new spring in my step and teamwork vibes washing over me, I added everyone in the group as a friend, hoping to one day form a guild of mighty warriors. (Baby steps, baby steps).

Then this happened:

Maybe it was naive thinking of me to assume that, in the world of MMO's, everyone would want to be my friend? Was it jealousy that I had the most kills, no deaths, and nearly the highest damage in game that Pierfrancisco1 rejected my request of friendship?

Whatever the reason, I concluded that Pierfrancisco1 was a dick and I was just a flawless, fly bitch in comparison. In the words of my wise elder, Gil, "My haters wanna be me, 'cos I'm glistenin'."

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  1. im not a video game connoisseur, but i enjoyed reading that, and lol at the last 2 lines

    1. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. I thought Chris Croker's classic leave Britney alone expression fit my feelings at the time.




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