Listen to me pop my podcast cherry: Across The Universe, Episode 25

After much badgering on my part, I finally got to pop my podcast virginity on the Across The Universe podcast, featuring the chicks with accents, Mette from Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, Nikhat from Being Norma Jean, and Sofia from Film Flare. (Thanks for putting up with me, dudes.)

In the 25th episode of the show, with me as the guest, the four of us chatted about the films we love, that everyone else hates. I had a real fucking funny time, and it was totally worth missing an interview with Toby Jones (I swear to god I'm not being sarcastic for once, these girls are hilarious.)

Listen to the podcast below (recommended turning up for my shitty mic) and be sure to check out the previous episodes, and like their Facebook to keep up with new fortnightly content.


00:21- Chick-chatter about some awesome stuff
03:28- Trailer
04:05- Guest questionnaire where I talk about Akira far too much (spoiler)
14:03- The chicks and Cherokee (me, cool!) list their favourite films that are hated by most people
1:05:24- Plugging and saying bye-bye

The link to the magazine I'm talking about in my plug is LiveMagUK if anyone is interested in my non-online life (which it kinda is online, but whatever, you know what I mean).


  1. u give feminism a good reputation (y)

  2. *'feminism,' i don't know if i should use that word anymore for fear of misinterpretation.

    1. Thanks, man. Feminism and stuff is cool.




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