She's All That: Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly was, in the words of Sam Weir, “a psycho” at the start of Freaks and GeeksShe was rude, kind of repulsive, and worst of all, a bully. Then, something changed.

In Kim Kelly Is My Friend, the fourth episode of the show, we had an insight into Kim’s life outside of school. All of her ‘shortcomings’ somehow made sense – the way she talked down to people, how she saw others, and her reaction to Lindsay becoming part of her clique the ‘freak’ crowd. People aren’t born as bullies, they’re made into them.

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  1. I really hated her character at first. I hated the way she treated Lindsay. You're right though, she really did change in subtle ways that were noticeable enough.

    Weren't you writing something up on Rebecca from Ghost World? What happened with that?

    1. Yeah agreed I did as well. I think it was the fact that the writers of the show made her, well, normal and you realised that she wasn't that same mean girl we've seen thousands of times. I've grown to love her character on repeat watches, think she is awesome.

      I was actually going to submit it somewhere else, rather than post it on my blog, but will make sure to post it here whether it goes up on a different site or not.

    2. Great, I'll keep and eye out!!!




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