Zoe, you don't need the approval of teenage boys

In an interview with /Film about Marvel’s next MCU franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zoe Saldana – who plays leading lady Gamora in the film – said the following about the design of her character:
[And] what I was thinking was, “She just needs to be pretty.” And that’s usually a thing that I don’t think about with other characters that I play but for some reason because I was going to be green and I was going to be the lead girl, I just wanted teenage boys to find me attractive.
Now, this isn’t some anti-Zoe/feminist ‘crusade’ or whatever. The surprise here is that she became a famous Hollywood actress by playing women that aren’t totally reliant on their ‘attractiveness’. Not just that, but in sci-fi and action films too, which, unfortunately, is rare. She’s echoing the consensus of comic reading and comic movie watching fans that we’ve all heard before – that the sole demographic are teenage boys.


  1. An excellent point, but it's all somewhat baffling considering, you know, she's pretty.

    But more to what you're saying, are they still people that believe that comic book movies are just for teenage boys? 'Cause I can't think of anything more mainstream now than the Marvel films. Even the so-called fringe ones.

    1. Thanks man, and yeah agreed, it is a bit ironic considering that most would see her as being pretty. I think the fact she questioned her sex appeal for that audience, I don't know, it's like - you do realise more grown ass men like you then teen boys, right? And that you're totally good the way you are. Forget having to appeal to that audience, they're not the ones buying your shit (if you want to appeal to an audience, but she should just keep doing her thing).

      God, you'd be surprised at the people I've come across that do. It's so silly because, as I mentioned, they are the new blockbuster films. Everyone goes to see Marvel films, that's how it is. I guess it just comes from a decades worth of comic book community history, and how it was seen - and still is seen - as a young male dominated market.

  2. I think she's just misinformed. We know that the studios know what they're doing. There are plenty of parts where the leading men are shirtless, sweaty, and working out(especially Batman). Even in the trailer for GOTG we see Chris's Pratt walking around shirtless for no apparent reason.

    For all we know she was just talking about "doing her part". There is plenty of beef cake, and she wants to stand out in her own way. I'm sure she was just talking the talk, and she does feels she looks good enough. Your average guy might like seeing explosives, but they would probably like a little sex appeal on screen just as much as the ladies, and she was only recognizing the fact.

    I don't know, those are just some thoughts. I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to contradict you. This wouldn't be the first time she's said something stupid... She's sort of a dumb person(seriously, Google her comments on POC). She's as insufferable as Mila "just one of the guys" Kunis.

    1. No worries, man - I like people disagreeing with what I am saying sometimes, creates a good debate/convo. You make good points, too, especially about the shirtless men trope. I think, though, what I touched upon in the article is the fact that this is a whole bigger issue, in particular how we view the comic book community still.

      You don't like Mila Kunis? She's cool!

    2. Not really. She panders to men way too much in some of her interviews. She says she loves making "dick, poop, and fart jokes" and "how she's more at home hanging with the guys" to publications like GQ all of the time. All I hear is that she is she has a special opinion of herself when in comparison to other woman.

      I feel this is her in a nutshell:

      But, I do see your point on comics. The opinion on if girls actually like comics is changing though. I think the line between "girl interests" and "boy interests" is getting much thinner. There are some people who will continue to raise their kids in a way I like to call "Walmart" style. Girls in pink shirts with hearts and butterflies, and boys in shirts with skulls, skateboards, and shit like that... Maybe stupid, but it's an observation, ahha.

    3. When you're interviewing for publications like GQ it's easy to fall into the trap to appeasing to their readership. I think pretty much every woman who is interviewed by that publication come across as being 'all about the men' and less about their fellow females. I guess they have to keep up this image or whatever for dudes to still go and buy their stuff; still see their films or listen to their music. (Also, that Family Guy clip made me laugh.) Definitely can see how it can be super annoying.

      The bridge is starting to close up, no doubt about it, which is a super awesome thing. There is still this idea that big companies, like Marvel and DC, are putting out there and saying about their chick characters that stops the progression. (David S. Goyer on She Hulk is pretty gross.) That's not to say other companies aren't doing well, though - it's the top dogs that have serious issues. But, they'll probably go ahead and say now because we have a female Thor and Falcon is becoming Captain America, all of their problems with representation have gone away (which is totally not true). That is definitely another argument in itself there!

  3. Great article, Cherokee!

    What's especially annoying are the big companies that claim teenage males are the main demographic, and actively suppress polls/statistics from any other age/gender groups that'd prove otherwise.

    1. Thanks, Chris!

      Exactly - it's the point that the stats are there to prove that teen dudes (who are awesome, don't get me wrong) are the only people that go to see these massive films. If that were the case, they wouldn't be making as much money as they are now considering most will probably still be in school having to borrow money off their parents.

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