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Can You Dig It? is the home where 21 year old Cherokee writes about stuff that you probably have no interest in. She has a morbid fascination with Justin Bieber, is a collector of toys and cute hats, and enjoys musing on popular culture, watching B-movies and Dragon Ball Z, comics, collaging, perfecting the art of a headshot in shoot 'em ups, drinking an excessive amount of chocolate Frigg drinks and napping. If she could eat Peri-Peri Chicken for the rest of her days, she'd consider it a viable dieting option.

She contributes to Women Write About Comics, the Belle Jar and Film Inquiry among other places on the world wide web. She is the former editor of Live Mag UK, a youth publication for 14 - 25 year olds. 

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the reading ride. Comment, link, tweet, do whatever you crazy internet kids get up to these days.

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So what's this place Can You Dig It? all about? Who is the enigma that goes under the name of Cherokee? Clickity click on that ugly mug in the GIF, she has the answers to all your burning questions.

Reviews of Cherokee's writing

User comment from Jezebel article written in 2011: "I'm a teenager and I could write better than that two or three years ago."

Queen Rehema: "I love you (Cherokee). Bear my children."

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